A lot of people know how to play Pokémon, but much less people do not know of the competitive side of Pokémon. X and Y have made huge steps in making your dream team easier to create. For EV training, we now have Super Training, which Is very easy to do. But today, I'll be teaching you how to IV breed for the perfect Pokémon!

Step 1: Get all the necessary supplies

These are all the items that I use to IV breed:

All the Power items (Weight, Bracer, Belt, Lens, Band, and Anklet) which can be bought at the Battle Maison for 16 BP each

Destiny Knot and Everstone

6 Dittos at the most (make sure you have a ditto that has 31 IVs in any stat. if it has 2 perfect IV stats, that is better)

Talonflame with the move Fly (to go from the Day-Care to Kiloude City) and the ability Flame Body (to hatch eggs much faster, and Hatching Power is not needed, but it does help a lot.)

Way to Kiloude City (the man with the purple hair in the Pokémon Center check the potential of your Pokémon, if he mentions a stat, or multiple stats, and says that they "simply can't be beat!' then that stat is perfect.

Step 2: Breeding for the perfect Nature

Each Nature boosts a stat 10%, and decreases another by 10%, while 5 Natures don't do anything. For our Bisharp, we want one with the Adamant Nature, which boosts his Attack, and lowers his Special Attack. Keep breeding your Bisharp with a Ditto with 31 IVs in Attack, and make that Ditto hold the Power Bracer while it is in the Day Care with the Bisharp. It doesn't matter what the Bisharp is holding. Keep breeding the Attack Ditto and the Bisharp until you get a Pawniard with an Adamant Nature.

Step 3: Breeding the other stats

Now that we have an Adamant Pawniard with 31 IVs in Attack, let's continue. Take the new Pawniard, and breed it with a Ditto with perfect HP. Have the Ditto hold the Power Weight, and breed it with the Attack Pawniard holding the Power Bracer. Keep breeding until you get a Pawniard with perfect IVs in HP and Attack. (This new Pawniard has to be the opposite gender of the first Pawniard we bred that is Adamant.)

Breed the Adamant Pawniard holding the Everstone with the HP and Attack Pawniard holding the Destiny Knot. The Destiny Knot passes down the IVs from 5 of the 12 stats from both parents, while the Everstone passes down the nature of the parent that is holding it. So keep breeding the two Pawniards until you get a Pawniard with perfect IVs in HP and Attack, and an Adamant nature.

Using those tactics, now breed that Pawniard with the other Dittos with Perfect IVs in Defense, Special Defense, and Speed. We don't need the Pawniard to have 31 IVs in Special Attack, because we want his moveset to be all physical moves.

Thanks for reading my blog! If you have any questions, please comment!!!!

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